Otto, 🙂 feel free to take some liberties with the truth there… People prefer to read nice things over things that are literally true.

Joel and Kate, I’m so sorry the mushrooms didn’t make it. I had sent in the order so long ago I was surprised they hadn’t gotten it out in time for Joel’s but hadn’t had time to call and complain. Oh well, hope the other ones work out. 🙂 Kate, BTW, you know that you can edit a message even after it’s posted, right? Just click on the little edit link next to it and it’ll pop up into the post box and let you change it.

Last day of classes tomorrow! Human Factors presentation and a thermodynamics test.

I picked up a nice, large, ancient IBM monitor for free and hooked it up. Now I’m starting to figure out why the price was so good. Every 3-5 minutes it blacks out randomly and then blinks back on. 🙂 Not impossible to use but not super convenient. I’ll probably use this one for my Linux box.

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