For my Isaac Hake Inc website I wrote a short biography of my life and my family I hope you all enjoy it:

Isaac Hake was born in a small hut on top of Mount Everest. And there he spent the first three years of his life. But his parents and four older brothers and sisters did not like the top of Mount Everest because there were constantly loosing family members off the edges of the cliffs. So Isaac and his four remaining siblings moved down. For six months Isaac’s family dug. Down, down, down. And there they lived in a whole for ten weeks before they decided to move again. In those ten weeks a little brother was born to Isaac. They moved to Alaska and lived with an Indian tribe called the Mowackalulus. Though Isaac enjoyed his new home he craved to see his own people again as did his five brothers and sisters. So his family packed up and set off for The United States. They built a tree-house in Oregon and lived there a few weeks but then a sad thing happened. The tree house blew off the tree and Isaac and his family were blown into the depths of a mountain. The next day, Liesl was bourn into the family. They lived down inside the mountain for five years. Liesl had not seen the light of day till she was five and a half years old. She an ugly skinny little creature that climbed around on the rocks in the dark and said “Gollum, Gollum” under her breath. Once Isaac’s family found their way out of the mountain they moved to West Virginia and began a new life. Gollum — I mean… Liesl became a relatively normal girl and Isaac’s family lived happily ever after.

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