Kevin, I really enjoyed your description of the debate. Thanks for taking the time to write that up. I also learned a lot browsing the Florida Humanists web site and the links it provided to other “wonderful” sites. Wow. I kept thinking of Screw Tape letters as I read. Wormwood is doing a top notch job raking them in! SO incredibly sad. Reason and compassion (Minus the reason and at many points, without the compassion!) It was very intriguing to me both how self conscious, and how intensely political a group of humanists is!

I read your Chesterton quotes to dad as he was falling asleep and he smiled at them.

Jesse, I also really enjoyed your description of the prison ministry experience. Also very thought provoking and sobering.

We had a very full weekend. Really enjoyed the baby shower for Elizabeth. She looked so pretty and so preciously pregnant. 🙂 People gave them an awesome stroller and really nice quality car seat as well as many other items.

WE worked very hard all the rest of Saturday when we got back. (Isaac, Luke, and Liesl worked hauling wood for the neighbors across the street for five solid hours until they were ready to drop, and then came home to help Daddy clean out the garage and Katie and I with mowing and picking up the yard after a long stormy messy winter of debris and a wet spring of already tall thick grass.

Sunday we went directly to a meeting after church and SS that lasted until we drove home quickly with only 20 minutes before our growth group arrived. That went late and we dropped into bed to wake up to a very full crazy day of teaching and PHC insanity for Dad and all kinds of stuff piled on top of homeshcool here at home. Our heads are spinning.

Getting too tired to write coherently. Better quit.

We are reading Captain from Castile aloud to the kids now. Remember reading that?


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