That alligator bug looks almost smug. 🙂

Kevin, how is house hunting going? You must be prepared to field questions and give advice to us some day, if we ever buy instead of building or continuing to live in basements or on other people’s property. Jesse and I may have to drive down and see your house right away, and lend you some of our plants to foster. 🙂 Whether or not being new parents makes us neglect the plants, we will visit you!

Becky, how is the car? Used cars are always fond of dishing out little surprises, even if a mechanic’s looked at them and given the “okay”. We’ll pray for no more surprises for a long while for you. Meanwhile, Jesse has decided to do something more to the hole in our bumper. He has decided to fix it-a step beyond the black duct tape. He began by actually stitching the bumper where it is cracked near the hole. Then he put some Fiberglas stuff over it. He hasn’t had the time to paint it, yet, so it closely resembles Frankenstein’s Monster right now (the patched-up part is even unnaturally strong compared to the rest of the plastic bumper). 🙂 We’ll have to put a picture of it on the blog.

Joel and Katie, how was Tennessee?

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