I just read over the blog for the first time in a few days. It was interesting the read the quotes about da Vinci. That sounded like such a fun thing to study. Dad, thanks for posting your self evaluation. It was good to get an update from you. We are praying for you as you continue to forge ahead with such a load.

I have enjoyed a nice week long break. I have done a lot of fun relaxing stuff, and also got lots of projects and things accomplished around here. It has been lots of fun. We now have our bedroom and sitting room areas the way we want them. We ended up moving all of our bedroom things out and rearranging our couch and coffee table so that they are oriented away from the bedroom area. It looks cozy and nice to us. The little room off to the side is now going to have the fridge, microwave, computer, two recliner chairs and some “TV trays.” We decided to give up on a dining room table. Now we are just waiting on an electrician to come and give us some outlets for the fridge and microwave. The fridge is sitting here all ready to plug in. 🙂 Just this morning the two boys and I put the crib together. It is such a nice crib. We like it so much, and would not have gotten something as nice if we were buying it ourselves. We’ll have to thank Aunt Patrice again.

We heard about a very authentic Chinese restaurant from some of the Taiwanese people at the Bible study, and we tried it out last week. It was really great. It is in the basement of a set of apartment buildings designed as a place for Chinese people to house their retired parents. It is kind of a cross between a cafeteria and a restaurant. There is a long menu that you order from, but you seat yourself, get your own dishes, and put your dishes into big tubs when you are done. All the tables are big round “Chinese feast” tables, and many have Lazy-Susans. There are no signs on the main road advertising the restaurant. The clientele is entirely from the local Chinese community. And the food really was very good. 🙂 All this is to say that it would be very fun to eat there with all of you some time. Elizabeth and I would like to host a big Chinese dinner there in celebration of Ta’s upcoming or safe arrival (depending on weather or not we can fit it in before Ta arrives or not). So we will have to pick a date sometime.

Finally, here are a couple photos. One is some blossoms from our African violets that I photographed yesterday. It makes a nice desktop wallpaper if you click on it for the larger image. The others are some cherry blossoms that we photographed during a walk yesterday before they all die away.

Pink African Violet

Neighborhood Cherry Blossoms

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