Last night I couldn’t sleep. I think the kind waiter at Inn refilled my diet iced tea too many times. His fault entirely.

So, at about 3 am I gave up and got out of bed and came here to my desk and started in. I finished our WV taxes and Becky’s WV taxes. Then I tied into all the kid’s school papers I haven’t corrected yet. Not too far down that pile was Liesl’s vocabulary assignment from yesterday. “Use each of these words in a sentence.” I hadn’t seen what she had done until now, though I do recollect her calling out to me from her bedroom yesterday yelling, “Mom, is it ok if I put all the words in one very long very interesting sentence?”

I was refreshed in the night by reading her assignment.

Her assignment, unedited:

You can see where she ran out of patience with writing individual sentences and started in…

Isaac, Luke, and Liesl are a triad.

The beanies are ruled by a triarchy.

I like tricycles that are able to hold triads or triplets with a trillion Chinese lolypops and at the same time as riding and eating a trillion Chinese lolypops read a trilogy and allso drinking ice tea in triangle shaped cups and taking pictures with a camera on a tripod with a speaker on the front squeaking trinity trinity.

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