I wonder whose eyelash DaVinci used?

Becky, congrats on the car. πŸ™‚ I’m particularly happy, because I think our cars will be friends. (Although ours may feel a bit self-conscious about the tape on its bumper now.)

Joel and Katie, it sounds like you’ll have a really nice break!

I’m glad Luke and Liesl had pictures of the cherry tree put on the blog. Jesse and I left our cameras behind when we went into town. Though it wasn’t sunny, it wasn’t rainy anymore, so the day turned out to be great for cherry blossom viewing. There were less people, and the wet tree trunks and branches made the wood darker, so there was a striking contrast between it and the white and light-pink blossoms. After walking around the water basin, we walked around the Natural History Museum a little bit, and then we watched the 3D Imax film Bugs! It was really fun, set in the Amazon.

Thanks for your prayers for my Mom and the surgery. She said that she dreamed the other night that she had twins…and then had another baby shortly afterward…2 boys and 1 girl in all. When she awoke she was disappointed that she really only had back surgery, and no babies. πŸ™‚ She continues to heal well, and says the sciatica nerve pain went away completely as soon as the surgery was performed!

Jesse accomplished a great feat today with telephone wires. We now have two working phones, without having to run a line through the window to the outside of the house. We also are the proud owners of a refrigerator! Basement life is getting exciting. Jesse has been moving furniture around and we are nearing the point of complete happiness with our furniture arrangements. We just finished reading Wuthering Heights. I think a book should be written from Catherine Earnshaw-Linton’s perspective, grave-side, as she haunts Heathcliff.

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