We’re learning tons of neat facts about him. For example. Even under a microscope, when looking at the mona lisa, they can’t see any paintbrush marks. And they say he used an eyelash for some of it. Another thing that we found out was that Bill Gates bought 18 pages of one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks for $30,000,000! Here is a list that I put together of fome of the inventions that Leonardo Da Vinci thought up: (he made detailed sketches of all of them in his notebooks.)

under water diving apparatus

an automatic paper feeder for a printing press

a machine to make metal screws

one of the world’s first air cooling systems

a door that closed automaticly

a posthole digger

ski-like shoes for walking on water

and automatic rosting spit

a clock that measured minutes as well as hours

a spring powered car

earth moving machines

a rolling mill for making sheet iron

a device that projected an enlarged image onto a screen

a submarine


a modern-style monkey wrench

an automated one-man band

a self closing tiolet lid

the contact lens

prefabricated houses

artificial amber, pearls, and plastic class


threeman crossbow with armor

A tank

catapult stone thrower



landing gear



Anemometer: A device for measuring the force of the wind

Inclinometer determine the degree of incline of a given surface

Odometer distance-recording devices

Hygrometer: The humidity of the atmosphere

Scaling Ladder: To reach the top of the wall of an enemy fortress


Rotating Bridge Designed to connect an island stronghold with the mainland

Two Level Bridge: In reserving the upper level for pedestrians and the lower for vehicles

mechnical weaving loom

Cannon with adjustable elevating arc

Three-barrelled cannon

Ogival projectiles

Hull rammer

Automatic hull rammer

Giant cross-bow

Multiple cross-bow

Scythed chariot

Firearm with an elevating gear adjustable by means of a peg blocking system

Firearm with screw elevating gear

Hoist for lifting cannons

Eight-barrelled organ

Automatic igniting device

Split-trail gun carriage

Breech-loading naval cannon

33-barrelled organ

Aerial screw

Glider with manoeuvrable tips

Flying ship

Articulated wing



Flapping-wing machine with a vertical bearing

Wing structure

Leaf-spring engine for flying machine

Rollers for friction studies

Pillar-lifting machine

Pile driver

Drilling machine

Revolving crane


Machines for making mirrors

Machine for making ropes

Winged spindle

Teaselling machine


Improved alembic

Device for measuring the tensile strength of wires


Device for developing conical ducts

Mechanical drum

Study of a furnace

Multiple-cylinder mill

Machine for cutting files

Machine for digging trenches

Wheel for studies on the impossibility of perpetual motion

Wheel with small iron balls for studies on the impossibility of perpetual motion

Conducted-flame furnace

Continuous teaseling machine

Large drop-bottom crane


Silk-doubling machine

Goldforging hammer

Rollers for friction studies


Threading tool

Drive train device

Device for wiredrawing on bearings

Sluice gate hatch

Drop-down sluice gates

Lagoon dredge

Paddle boat

Webbed glove

Drop-bottom float

Galata Bridge

Fast-construction bridge

Boat with paddle wheels

Equipment for draining a port

Hatch sluice gate for a navigable canal

Diving bell

Sea dredger

Device for measuring water turning to steam

Paddle-wheeled boat propulsion system

Mobile-ram boat (assault battleship)

Bilge pump

Canal bridge with hatch sluice gates

Temporary bridge on trestles

Temporary bridge on a double row of trestles

Double hull

Auto-feed hydraulic saw

Canal reinforcement gabion structure

Shrouds cutter

Ideal city

Centrally-planned temple

Centrally-planned temple with nine radiating chapels

Corner of castle with triple defence system

Centrally-planned temple with four cylindrical bell-towers

Temple with a gemmated plan

Curtain with semicircular salients – Detail No 1

Curtain with semicircular salients – Detail No 2

Curtain with semicircular salients – Detail No 3

Moat with submerged defence system

Ravelin or triangular bastion

Mountain castle with two defence enceintes

Angular tower with corbels

Temple with five domes


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