Yeah, Rags is Mary Ann’s degenerate lazy rich pig. She does little but eat, sleep, and puncture skin with her needle sharp claws. You guys will have to post some cherry blossom pics now that I’ve heard so much about it.

Sorry about the text files, Mom. 🙂 That was for the benefit of the grader in that class when I took it. She and I did not see eye to eye on much…. Isaac is very close to writing programs like that. You’ll have to put him to work once we get into GUIs a little. Having real problems to solve and finding the forums online of people who have already solved those problems is a huge part of programming.

I wish I could bottle some sun from down here and ship it all up to you guys. It has been a bit chilly and breezy but beautiful clear blue skies for the last couple days down here. Makes it hard to focus on work stuff… Sailing weather gallore. No cherry blossoms though. The citrus trees are just finishing their season.

This weekend is open house so there are tons of high schoolers and families wandering around campus. I had one get assigned to “observe” the EE class that I tutor. I think he was a little shocked at the informal atmosphere, but seemed to be having a good time by the end of the class. The students were really nice to him.

I finally got the cans to hold air (hopefully long enough to get some pictures of them, anyhow). And the strain gauges are attached to the plastic. So, hopefully tonight we’ll finish that project. A mouse trap sounds better and better, Lizz, except for the tin can part. Did you have to cut the tin can at all? I have jars of soup/beans in the fridge from all the cans I went through to get two that will work as “fuselages”. As a hint to anyone out there who ever wants to pressurize a tin can, Progresso makes a very nice, seamless one.

Better sign off and nick over to the lab before the next EE section.

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