Is that MaryAnn’s cat? πŸ™‚

The only science fair project that I can remember doing was, I think, in 6th grade. I made a mouse trap the night before. My classmates made things like volcanoes and clouds and rain and rainbows…but all I made was a trap out of a tin can, toothpicks, water, and cheese. πŸ™‚ I was devastated about the whole thing, and hadn’t been able to think of anything that would win me instant glory, so I gave up and did something really lame instead of just pretty cool. (Somehow, I still got an A for my project. I think it was because the teacher just had me in that category in his mind, since I was well-behaved and usually got A’s. He wasn’t able to redefine who I was and give me the D I deserved.)

I’m fed up with this rain. Yes, I know it will make things pretty later, but the cherry trees are pretty now and I wanted to walk around D.C. this weekend with Jesse and enjoy the general mood elevation that would come with looking up into the cherry blossoms under a shining sun. Oh, well.

When does Grandma return home?

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