Wow! I have to confess, I thought Mom was exaggerating in her Da Vinci post. That’s so neat that you guys are actually doing so much with it.

Mom, the three items were reviewed by Wired Magazine’s staff in their electronic supplement to the mag.

Dad, nice to see a note from you up here.

That cat picture was funny. Thanks Otto and Lizz.

Today was very discouraging. This stupid science fair project is taking up so much time! Everything that could possibly go wrong is. I spent the entire day working on it and then nothing we tried to do tonight worked out. We’re doing a second take on Friday, which means I need to spend 5-6 more hours between now and then trying to get everything to work right. I’ve actually gotten a really neat idea from the project (that might be patentable) for a speaker/window that changes colors in response to audio stimulus.

Well, better do some preparation for workshop Friday so I don’t spend the entire first section trying to remember how to do all the problems and frustrating all the students again.

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