A more serious answer to , “What do you do on Leonardo Da Vinci Day”?

First, the day is really the first day, or kick off, for a series of four or five days devoted to the theme of Da Vinci. We have several biographies of him we are reading. We have three videos to watch about him, two documentaries, and one children’s historical fiction emphasizing his dreams of flying. We have pictures and paintings to look at, quotations to read and write about. We have the model of his flying machine to build which we built today and Isaac just posted on the blog, and a model of one of the chapels he designed, which we plan to make tomorrow. We have a “cartoon” (as in pre-painting sketch) of one of his famous paintings with holes punched in it to dust with charcoal as they used to do to get the sketches up on the walls, so we can try our hand at painting it! We have a mock up of his famous notebook with all his backwards notes and all his anatomy sketches, botany sketches, and designs for myriads of inventions , many of which were never tired and no one even conceived of until hundreds of years later, like cameras and telescopes. He engineered all these weapons and so much incredible stuff! We also have a book about the interesting project started sometime in the 1970’s to build the huge horse statue of his that never got poured in bronze because the French shot the clay version full of arrows and it was ruined, and also because the duke wanted the bronze back for military purposes. It took incredible dedication and effort and much money and modern technology to build the thing over nearly twenty years in this modern age, resorting to liquid rubber molds etc. (His horse statue was to be 24 feet high and this one is.) It would have been SO interesting to see how he might have tired to make it work back then and if he could possibly have succeeded. We are reading these books, watching the videos, building the projects and plan to write papers. So, That’s Da Vinci Day. šŸ™‚

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