Kevin, those things you put up were a scream! I liked all three, but the one about the “robot test” was absolutely devastating. What are they are and where did you find them?

Jesse, the photo of your “kids” was interesting. I can tell they are “doofy.” One of my students was in my office today. He had gotten a “60” on a paper and I asked him to come and talk. He confessed that he was “dyslexic” and that he had never told anyone at PHC before. He’s a nice kid.

Very intense “self evaluation” finished about nine o’clock last night. Got some stuff off my chest. Prayed a lot. Went back and forth with Mommie to double check the content and tone. Haven’t heard from Paul Bonicelli. Maybe I’ll share it with ya’ll.

Though you haven’t heard from me, I love you all, pray a ton, and have at least read your neat stuff.

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