Jess, enjoyed the post. Looks like a fun buncha kids. Lizz, thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to share that with them on Tuesday. Busy here.

Addo, just sent you an e-mail with the java file. I changed it so that it doesn’t need to be run from the command prompt. You should be able to load it and run it once you get the associated txt files in the right place so it can read them. The main method is near the bottom, which tells you where java is looking for the files (in the reader instantiation lines).

Some one down here paid for my tickets home (I had been planning on using my free flight with US Airways). It means I get to fly out of Melbourne now, which is really nice. I’m running out of time to use that free flight. I’ll have to plan a trip out west if I can squeeze in a couple hours of vacation between now and July.

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