I hope you’re feeling better, Luke! We’ll be praying that your asthma can be controlled with as few meds as possible.

Kevin, glad to hear that you are succumbing to senioritis. 🙂 Also, the acapella group sounds fun. Make sure they know to match their facial expression with the words they’re singing (poker-faced singers are a tragedy).

Jesse is off on an overnight camping trip with the middle school students. I spent my Friday night doing our laundry and taxes (finally). 🙂 (I think this is the latest I’ve ever done taxes. I actually enjoy doing them, but kept procrastinating because I forgot it’s really not bad.) Well, I’m off to bed. Ta is moving around, so I’ll be able to hold my belly and feel Ta while I fall asleep…I may forget to be lonely.

“Well, a lot of good cars are Japanese. Yeah but, when we’re driving far I need my baby next to me. Stickshifts and safety-belts, bucket-seats have all got to go. When we’re driving in the car, it makes my baby seem so far.” ~CAKE (a case for big, American cars)

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