Asthma. Argh.

After a nightmarish night last night where Luke was too low on oxygen to speak or even call out for help (He knocked kind of lethargically on the bedroom wall, and by God’s grace Daddy and I just happened to have woken up in the middle of the night and were awake to hear him. I don’t think he was knocking loud enough where it would have woke me since I didn’t get into bed thinking “asthma”). I took him to the doctor this morning. They listened to his lungs and tested (finger test) the oxygen level in his blood and started filling out the papers to admit him to the hospital. After the first nebulizer treatment I talked them into letting me take him home and treat him here. He prescribed five different medications and a nebulizer. So now we have lots of weapons against the asthma. It took a long time at the doctors and a long time at the pharmacy getting the medicines and machinery. I got it put together and gave him a treatment at home and he seems to feel lots better. Even ate a bowl of rice gruel and some apple slices very happily.

I agreed to give him five days worth of oral steroids, but I am still not convinced regarding daily preventive steroids on an ongoing basis, even the inhaled ones. I will have to do a lot of reading and praying. I do feel like Luke is somewhat set back by asthma on a regular basis this past year and not just when he gets sick and gets it badly, but I still feel skeptical of just loading him up with stuff. SO pray for wisdom. He goes back for a check up on Friday morning to see how the medications are doing controlling the asthma.

I canceled our trip into the Baltimore symphony orchestra tomorrow morning. I found another family to use our tickets.

Joel, I really enjoyed the story of Katie’s evangelistic driving and the bat is awesome.

I finally wrote a response to the patient families from Taiwan that wanted to come to Rivendell for a conference this summer. We decided to say “no” for this summer but commit to doing something next summer. We told them we would offer a two week Family discipleship Training Seminar summer of 2005.

Jesse and Elizabeth, we are all set with the Covenant ladies. You don’t need to ask them anything. Thanks. OH, I forgot to give you your other birthday book, Jesse, and you forgot LUke’s present.

Everybody really enjoyed your letter, Kevin.

Dizzy with all the things that need to happen. Or maybe dizzy with the need to redefine what needs to happen. 🙂 Praying for all body. mom.

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