The other day one of the pastors at Katie’s and my church told me a story.

A man was on his way to church one Sunday, when a female driver cut him off, just pulling blindly and rudely in front of him, so that he had to slam on the brakes. He was furious. He didn’t even want to be coming to church, but his wife was making him come, and this driver had just given him an excuse to be really ticked off. He glared at her and muttered under his breath, and his gaze bored holes in the back of her head. To his twisted delight and agitation, this blonde in the car ahead was making every turn he was, and soon they were side by side in the church parking lot. He exited his car, ready to get in a nasty remark. To his utter astonishment, the young woman waited for him to get out of the car, and humbly and sincerely apologized for cutting him off.

He became a Christian several weeks later, and remarked to the pastors that this driver’s sincerity and kindness had shocked him and made him aware of the rage and ugliness in his own life. It was one of the events that made him want to be a Christian.

And why did the pastor tell me this story? Katie was the driver!

We have subsequently decided that her main spiritual gift is evangelistic driving!

Kevin (and Kevin’s alter ego), we enjoyed your email.

Here is a little fascinating tidbit that Jesse asked me to share:

An extremely rare albino micro-bat rests on a person’s thumb after being attacked by a cat. The bat, a “little northern freetail” named Starshine, is recuperating at the Batreach Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Kuranda, northern Australia. Four-month-old Starshine weighs in at just six grams — less than a quarter of an ounce.

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