Kevin, we were glad to here that you made your choice and that your employer will give you the shore week off. Elizabeth and I just got back from a wonderful weekend with the Hakes and Poortengas. We ate purple potatoes for the first time. Mom found some and they are pretty neat. And we got to hear some great gold mining stories from Joel. Elizabeth’s friend Melanie is coming this afternoon to spend a couple days with us. She is attending a conference in Baltimore. Joel, I want to see that picture of an albino microbat sometime. 🙂 Luke and Isaac, I couldn’t get Luke’s camera to work completely. But I got it to work like a webcam and take pictures while it was attached to Isaac’s computer. So it is closer to working than before. 🙂 Oh well. I left the pictures that I took on your computer screen, Isaac.

Goodbye for now.

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