Hello, everyone.

I just got back from a trip to the Everglades. My dumb camera crapped out on me but I did get a few pics. I made it out to Lane’s Bay chickee, Jess. Navigation compass-less on the unmarked trails was not as bad as I thought it might be… Also (and Lizz – our blog safety patrol – can modify this if it’s not subtle enough for publication) I picked something up for you… BTW, I agree with Lizz about the photo, Joel. I’ve heard that mentioned several places about licenses in particular, though I can’t understand what motivation people in general would have to publish theirs?? Maybe you could digitally fix the birth date? Then it’d be the Feds after you…

The accomodations.

The trail head.

The company.

The environment.

The trip was supposed to clear my head but right now I’m not sure again. I’ve posted a bit of an e-mail that helped me think through things in a different light.

So, I guess what it boils down to in my mind is: 1) Ohio U. leading to a super-charged career working with NASA and SATS leading to my name in colored lights and aviation journals or 2) Working as a humble avionics rat at Rockwell and being really good at it and just enjoying a normal, mediocre (in every good sense of the word) life. Both of those sound really appealing and I can envision myself doing either (even though I pretty well despise NASA). Is my head so big that I’m not seeing clearly? 🙂

I guess what I’m struggling with is: do I really want the career booster rocket that I agree Ohio U. would be? If I went there I would want to be the best and would struggle to stay on top and be the shining light there. I might or might not succeed and it may or may not be the energizer to a high-powered career. If I started at Rockwell (or Northrop Grumman) I know that I could do a really good job without killing myself.

I was raised very simply and I think I would be happy to live without the colored lights… but on the other hand, I walked away from two years at a school where I did have a full ride and that would have lead to a comfortable life as a musician/economist of some sort because I was excited about some research I did about Moller’s skycar. Now that I’ve put in four years at Embry-Riddle and done as well as I have it seems like a cop-out to take the easier road and just go to work.

You’re absolutely right about the cake and ice cream, though. So today or tomorrow I’m just going to make my Frostian choice of a path in a wood diverging and go for it. I’m sure they both have pleasant endings. Thanks again so much for your input. I’ll definitely keep you posted either way.


“Kirchner, Edward” wrote:

Hi Kevin,

Had a chance to ponder your situation over the weekend. I enlisted the sage

advice of Mrs. Kirchner, and sought the inspiration of a nice bottle of

Merlot. Without further delay, here’s the rest of my 2 cents:

1) Krista and I agreed that being able to go to school full time for free is

a very, very, very (and for good measure one more), very special

opportunity. I asked Krista if I could quote her, and she said yes, so here

goes: “he’d be a dumbass not to do it”. She doesn’t mince words, but is a

very perceptive person. Her opinion, which I share, is that you have an

opportunity that very few people ever get – one that you earned through very

hard work, let me add.

2) Think about this – will the Ohio U education make you any less attractive

a candidate to an employer? Probably not. In fact, you might want to talk

to Rockwell Collins about this. I’d be willing to bet that they would find

a place for you after you graduate (NG certainly would). Unless you are

really driven by the $$$ (and I doubt you are) – don’t let that be the

deciding factor. If you need spending money while in school, I’ll send you

$25 a week 🙂 You will make a bigger salary graduating with an MS that you

likely would with a BS and 2 years of experience. Just out of curiosity,

what RC location is it? Also, work experience is not very important at your

career stage; you have a great resume already.


PS {from Kevin again} Did any of you notice that the spell check on Blogger.com doesn’t have the word blog in it?

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