Elizabeth says:

Congratulations, Joel! (On having a birthday and on obtaining a WV driver’s license.) Now that we have all seen the proof of your success, I just wondered if the picture of your license should be removed from the blog? Is it a potential security issue (eg. identity theft), since it has your full name, address, photo, dob, and license number? I doubt anyone else has ever been on this blog but family, however…?

Kevin, I have already thought that my being eaten alive by locusts would be more likely. 🙂

Jesse adds:

That was very funny Joel! I am too fawning to tell you to take it down, though. I would be afraid to offend you. 🙂

Note: If you hold the mouse still over the photos of Adam and Matt fishing, little messages will pop up. When I told Adam about what I posted on our family blog he had this to say:

ha sounds funny. those were matts 2 ever first keepers from a kayak. as for the ray, they say the wings ar very good to eat and ar sometimes substituted for scalops at some places. i didnt want to eat it though. it was a very neat looking critter though.



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