I’m glad to hear Mrs. Stocker is set for surgery that could lead to “significant relief”. The supernatural approach to childbirth also sounds very progressive (or, actually, now that I think of it, more like retro). I’m glad you at least have some relief from your own hips acting up, Lizz. Thanks for calling the other day, Jess. I’d like to call you sometime tomorrow. Is there a good time, or do you guys have plans already for the whole evening?

Kate, how did your trip the DMV go? I thought Dad was the one having trouble with WV license. I didn’t realize you were crippled as well. I hope you’re not in jail anyhow…

Clever job on the animation, Otto. The cat’s progress made it look especially realistic.

Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts as I try to decide which path to take at this next fork in my life. I’m feeling pretty certain that I should accept the job at Rockwell Collins. It would enable me to pay off school debts, get some excellent real-world experience, earn a Masters, and probably buy a house all in one fell 2-3-year-swoop, while still leaving enough cash to get started flying again and resurrect my poor cello. I’m excited about buying a house. While it’s not exactly Oregon, I figure at least I won’t be pouring money into a rent-a-wreck. Hopefully, I can rent out a room to help defray costs and sell the thing when I am ready to retire in about 5 years… 🙂

I will think/pray about the whole process a little more over the weekend and give them a response next week. I sent an e-mail to Ed Kirchner (Northrop Grumman) yesterday. That was hard to do. They have been awfully good to me.

Dad, I enjoyed the articles about PHC. I didn’t think the NY Times was excessively negative… I hope you’re surviving the crazy week of grading papers ok?

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