Mom Stocker met with the neurosurgeon yesterday. The news sounds good to me, although needing surgery is never good. Her particular kind will be outpatient back microsurgery (on 3 vertebrae, bone spurs, and bulging discs if there are any), and she should be back to work 3-4 weeks afterward. (Though it may take up to 6 months until she’s “fully” recovered.) There supposedly is a 90% rate of people feeling significant relief after this procedure. And, her surgery will be done in 1-2 weeks! So please pray, but already God has relieved some concerns I had for my mother. She says that if this one goes well, she might stop dragging her feet and go get herself some bionic hip replacements next. šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, those pregnancy hormones have been attempting to give me my bionic joints. My hips have stopped hurting when I sleep on my side, so I guess by body has successfully taken to my new loosened joints. šŸ™‚ Though the real test will come in June. šŸ™‚ I have decided to go with supernatural childbirth, and plan to master some self-hypnosis techniques by the due date.

Ethan (the 8 year old) asked if I was going to Myrtle Beach with them this August. When I said no, he asked, “Why not? Because all the other baby-sitters go.” I explained that after the baby is born, the baby and I will want to just rest at home for awhile. He thought for a second and responded, “If you were going, you’d need a big bathing suit!” Then he added, “Because you’re pregnant. I was going to say because you’re fat, but that would break your feelings.” Yeah, thanks for sparing me. šŸ™‚

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