Thanks for posting the articles, Dad. Don’t give up on links. We enjoyed reading them. (The easiest way to post a link is to highlight the text that you want people to click on. Then select the little globe and chain-link icon directly above the text box that you write posts in. Then enter the web address in the box that pops up and hit okay.)

Congrats, Kevin! We’re very glad and excited about your news. We’ll be praying as you make your decisions.

We watched The Passion last Saturday. Almost immediately afterward, we went to a Bible Study with two young Taiwanese couples, led by an American couple. They’d all seen the movie, and the study happened to have reached the part in Matthew dealing with the garden of Gethsemane and Jesus’ arrest. At least one of the couples weren’t believers and that led to some very fruitful discussion. It was very fun to meet the Taiwanese couples, and we hope to go again.

I’m looking seriously at buying a Red Mangrove plant that I saw in the Giant grocery store. 🙂 I suggested to Elizabeth that maybe I’d let her buy it for me. For my birthday. 🙂

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