Jesse and Elizabeth, I really enjoyed the additions to your photo site. It is very nicely organized. A great way to share photo albums. 🙂 Keep it up. Soon there will be so many new categories: Ta eating, Ta sleeping, Ta smiling, Ta crying, Ta burping. Ta’s diapers. 🙂

Also enjoyed the pinesap, Jesse, and I look forward to seeing your Everglade orchid in bloom some day, Kevin.

Kevin, sorry your weekend with flitefone has entailed so much frustration. Is KI4CUV a flitefone related code? Is it who you are on flitefone?

Well I guess I owe you a big hug and great gratitude Elizabeth, for carrying Ta yourself and not asking for my help. Thanks! I am grateful. So is Ta, probably! 🙂 But I guess in the case of that other family, as strange as it is, (and as thankful as I am that it hasn’t been necessary in our lives) at least it wasn’t a gross perversion, just a way to make it work for them. You guys find some strange stories. 🙂

Thanks for putting the paper on , Joel and Kate, now my own writing doesn’t look quite as bad.

Time for bed. Hurray for a new week tomorrow! Mom.

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