I slacked off a little this morning. It felt good to play the piano for a little while. I’m enjoying the music I illegally copied last time I was home, although, on a couple of the songs, I forgot to copy the last page…

The HF experiment last night was a white noise concentration test. I was (un)fortunate enough to have signed up for the time slot that was selected for the varying white noise session at 95 decibels while numbers flashed on the screen and we had to hit a button every time there were three consecutive even or odd numbers. After the 45 minutes of loud hissing and then sudden quiet followed by random roarings I could only see a little white spot in front of me where the numbers had been flashing. It wasn’t worth the two points of extra credit we got in the class.

I think that affected my impression of the Passion also. I was kinda still in shell shock.

Gotta run to class.

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