Thanks for the story, Kate. That was funny. Poor Wade. Joel, it sounds like you did a pretty good job making Wade’s car fly without the benefits of jet engines…

Did you guys get out to see the Passion yesterday? I’m curious to hear your guys’ reactions.

My interview(s) at Rockwell Collins went really well. I think they will offer me a job and it actually would entail more responsibility than I had been expecting. It would definitely be something I would consider. They’re starting a new product line that involves cramming a bunch of different systems into one box and they’re looking for someone to design and assemble a test set for it that can automatically run all of the MOPS and RTCA test specs for the equipment. It would be very challenging but also a fabulous learning experience.

Addo, I noticed that Sun has their site up again. Let me know if you wanna give the download thing another whirl tonight. I won’t be home until a little later, but if we started at 9 I think we could be done in a reasonable time for a school night.

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