Great to read all the latest. Joel, if you ever market bottles of Kevin’s drive, I could use some for myself. I am such a bad procrastinator at times! Keep up the good work Kevin.

An interesting anecdote from class today: One of my students surprised me with a glowing review of the Passion. She was one of the last students that I would have expected to hear it from. Usually a big fan of pop TV and music, she campaigned very hard to keep the recently abandoned Tarzan TV show on the air. The Passion was “so cool” and she can’t wait to see it again. She is not a regular churchgoer but just thought it was interesting and that Jesus was cool. Also, the film did not strike her as very gory or graphic compared to what she was expecting. I’ll have to ask around some more. I didn’t expect the movie to have much of an appeal with hip and typically unimpressed middle school kids.

Funny photo Isaac. That p-dog looked like somebody Suze could appreciate. đŸ™‚

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