Kev, here is story from the wedding that everyone else already knows, but I think its worth telling again. 🙂

The wedding was in Oneonta, starting at 1:30 pm. Joel and I arrived at the church at 1:15. We walked inside, and suddenly behind us there was a voice calling, “Joel! Joel!” We turned around and were surprised to see Wade. He beckoned Joel over to him and started talking urgently in a hushed voice. I was very curious what Wade wanted Joel for, but left them alone and went to talk with other people. After a few minutes I noticed they had both disappeared. I guessed that Wade had needed some help upstairs with something. But as the minutes kept ticking away and the ceremony time was getting closer and closer, I was surprised that Joel had not returned. Finally it was just about 1:30, and so we all filed into the sanctuary and eagerly took our seats. Still no sign of Joel. I was getting more and more curious. I sat beside Aunt Patrice and the preludes began. (Uncle Stephen and Ashleyne were playing guitar and violin.) They played 1 song, then another, then another, then another, an then another. And I began to wonder how many preludes they had planned. Then it was whispered down the row, “Wade forgot the ring!” Suddenly, I knew where Joel was. Speeding on a road somewhere between the church and the farm. Uncle Stephen and Ashleyne would whisper a song title to eachother after each song, picking beautiful old songs that they both knew by heart, having more than used up all the music they had with them. They probably played nine or ten songs- all very beautifully. It was a few minutes after 1:45 when the preacher, groom and groomsmen appeared. Ashleyne played the Ashokan Farewell as JoHanna came down the aisle. It was so beautiful!! Joel slipped into the sanctuary, sat down beside me and whispered, “Wade’s car can go 105 miles per hour.” People usually give about twenty-five minutes to drive from the farm to the church. Joel drove each way in fourteen minutes. He drove 105 on the highway, 75 on Briarcreek. He didn’t have a license with him, and was in someone else’s car. He said he prayed the whole way, and hoped that if he got pulled over, the police would have pity on a desperate looking guy all dressed up and carrying a wedding ring. 🙂 The ceremony was none the worse for this classic beginning, though I’m sure Wade’s nerves were. Everything was beautiful! The pastor made a little joke at Wade’s expense, suggesting that JoHanna would always be waiting for Wade for the rest of their lives. 🙂

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