The wedding was quite nice. There are more details about it worth telling, but I’ll let other people do that. 🙂 Johanna’s joyful, laid-back and outgoing personality was something that seemed really evident to me during the ceremony and reception. She seems really wonderful. Wade and Johanna were headed to Phoenix to start their honeymoon. Once there, their plan was to rent a car and drive around Arizona. It sounded fun.

A funny thing that happened before the wedding was one of those things that was really hilarious in person, but not so much just being told the story. But, I’ll mention it anyway. Saturday morning, Truitt, Jesse, me, Becky, Isaac, Luke and was Liesl there? Sorry Liesl! I imagine her being with us, but am not sure. She was sick, so she may not have been with us. Anyway, we went for a walk. It was very icy there, so we decided to walk off the trail (i.e. off the driveway). There was such a lovely thick crust on the snow, that everyone was able to walk on it without sinking down at all. Everyone except me was able to do this; I now weigh more than Jesse does. 🙁 So, I was following along behind everyone else, breaking through the crust and sinking to my knees in snow, while watching the rest easily and lightly skimming over the snow. Sometimes I could take a few steps without breaking through, but then I’d suddenly break through, and one leg would be on top of the snow, and the other buried to the knee. It also burns your ankles a bit whenever you break through crust like that without high boots on. So, anyway, I was getting a little tired out from the unusual workout I was getting. I (along with everyone else) was laughing a lot, too, at myself, and that was also making it difficult for me to breathe and move at the same time. 🙂 So then, we headed back to the road from the pond, and I was happy at this decision made on my behalf. But, someone had an inspiration. A sled was got. We crossed the road and headed for the bottom of so-and-so’s field (?). We were in the trees, and I was enjoying fewer and fewer moments of being able to walk on top of the crust like everybody else. Discussion ensued for a few seconds. They had quickly reached a conclusion…put me on top of the sled and have Jesse pull me the rest of the way. And so, on my belly I got (fairly ungracefully) and I held onto one end of a long stick, while Jesse held the other end and off we went. There really should be some video footage of what we looked like. Everyone was hysterically laughing. There were also some comments made (I think just by Jesse, and maybe Truitt) about seals and other large marine animals. I decided that traveling like that might be more humiliating than giving birth. Anyway, we reached our destination. I found a piece of snow that held me up and carefully stayed there while I watched everyone sled. During the sledding, Becky’s run was the highlight. Becky, how is your back feeling now? But, it was again time to travel through the snowy wood. Jesse was getting tired out from pulling me, but before I could suggest that I just start walking, Truitt grabbed the stick to help out. (At this point, I was pretty tired of holding onto the stick myself, especially because I was shaking with laughter and probably employing even more muscles than would otherwise have been necessary.) They decided to break into a jog. They began to jog down a hill. I tried to dig my toes into the snow to stop myself, but it was too late. I overtook them on my sled and ran them over. 🙂 The three of us lay there laughing, and it was a few seconds before I realized that I was still on poor Truitt’s legs and managed to hurl myself off. We were all unhurt. They let me walk again after that.

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