Happy leap day, all! I trust that you all had a good time up at the farm and that the wedding was suitably beautiful? I’ve enjoyed catching up on all the posts. Our presentation went well, all told, and we got a lot of very helpful feed back on how to make our design better. Now it is just a matter of leaving enough documentation so that the folks taking over next year won’t have to start from scratch on too much. The little bit of hardware work that still has to be done this semester is mostly just fun radio stuff. It feels good to have that behind me. Now I can focus on our senior project a little and get the ball rolling there.

I got an e-mail from a guy I met in Indianapolis from Aerovironment. His company is growing rapidly and I did a phone interview with one of their engineers on Friday. That has the potential to be an interesting job. I’m also doing a follow-up, on-site interview with Rockwell Collins in Melbourne this week. That one is slightly less likely to generate a very interesting job offer.

Mary Ann’s computer has bitten the dust since the upgrade to OS X last week and she can thoroughly sympathize with you on PC troubles now, Mom. She wanted you to know that she isn’t ignoring your e-mail but is temporarily unable to send out a response.

Looking forward to hearing/reading some stories from your weekend up north.

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