Jesse came home yesterday with the review his supervisor wrote about her observation of his teaching during one class. It was very encouraging. πŸ™‚ One thing she wrote was that “he does not realize what a good teacher he is already.” She also wrote that she sees a place of leadership in his teaching future (Jesse leading others). And speaking of fortune telling…

The other night, we had chinese food (from a place, not our kitchen). My cookie told me that I would have a romantic night that night. Later, as we were getting ready for bed, we were joking about something. I happened to be brushing my teeth and instead of laughing a hearty, mouth-wide-open cackle, I must have done a “pffftt” kind of laugh. Anyway, I ended up spraying Jesse with some toothpaste. To which he said, “O romantic queen of the night, froth upon me some more!” πŸ™‚ (I really thought that was worth telling.)

Please pray for the decisions to be made regarding Covenant’s candidating pastor, Jeremy Tuinstra. A congregational meeting will be held this Thursday night, when a vote will be taken. Jeremy and his wife, Julie, are just a couple years older than us, so maybe Jesse and I would gain a pastor and new friends. They have three little girls, too. You can also pray for me and Jesse, as that night instead of going to the meeting, we’ll be having dinner with a couple that Jesse works with. The guy, Dave, is an atheist and we don’t know about the wife. Anyway, one just never knows what may come up in conversation, or what God’s intentions are for seemingly small-time happenings.

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