Another cold and sunny day. I have the day off work today. This afternoon I am going to pick up Stephen Bouchoc and have him here for a few hours this afternoon. Lord willing, I will do that a couple times a week and work with him on his school, and hopefully work with him on some speech therapy exercises, although I don’t know if I’ll be able to do much very helpful with that. I’m excited about having him here. I think I finally worked out having some regular days off work so I can do it. Working at the b&b continues to be interesting. I get to meet a lot of interesting, rich people… and get tips from them… so that is good. 🙂 As with every job I’ve had, it has reminded me how blessed I am- I’m so thankful for the life and family that God has given me.

It’s probably just as well if our blog is void as a legal document :)… although putting 2003 was an accident. It’s funny neither of us noticed it. Probably has something to do with living underground and not knowing when the sun is up or not, the marks on our walls counting days are sometimes confusing…

Anneliese and Will don’t think they’ll be able to make it to Wade’s wedding this weekend. Too hard to get time off work. They said they would let us know if things changed, and they are able to go.

Isaac, the pictures of you holding Liesl in her shirt look to me like you’re working for the Storks, but have been really slow in delivering your packages, and they’re sort of overgrown. 🙂


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