Joel and Katie! Your blog was great. We had a good laugh. And 2003? &#74 A formal legal document with the wrong date on it can make it entirely null and void. &#74 Please blog more often. It is so fun when you do!

Isaac, the Suze map was good. &#74 I like the idea of a Suze website. &#74

Today, Bush endorsed the idea of a constitutional amendment protecting marriage. I was not expecting it before the election. Michael Farris must be excited. Our culture needs something much better than a constitutional amendment, but it does seem like a good idea for the government to shore up the dikes. We can always use more common grace. And, as a social studies teacher, it will be very interesting to follow the process if it gets underway.

Mom, thanks for the “Passion” review. Elizabeth and I are looking forward to seeing it.

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