We have chosen the third week in May, May 15- May 22, for OAk Island, as Kevin, Grandma Brown, and Jesse all mentioned some preference for that week.

Daddy has to attend PHC graduation the morning of Saturday, May 15, but Lord willing, we would leave by noon or so that day. I guess others could arrive earlier that day if that is desirable. Normally the house would exchange people by noon the next Saturday. If they get a renter for the 4’th week (last week in May)we would have to leave Sat morning, the 29’th. If they don’t, and some of you want to stay over that weekend, we will ask Ginny if that would be alright, with no renters it would probably be fine, but if they get a taker we’d feel funny to ask.

So that’s what we will be working around. I hope it works ok for all of you to get there some of the time. The kids can’t wait! It will be fun to have my Mama there. I’m glad she plans on joining us.

Have a good day.

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