Come One, Come All

Daddy and I welcome all of you to join Isaac, Luke, Liesl (and hopefully ) Becky and us for all, or any part of, a week at Oak island, NC at gracious Aunt GInny and Uncle Andy’s roomy shore house. We plan to go either the third or fourth week of May, to be decided shortly. Unfortunately I’m quite sure Jesse and Joel will still be teaching. Wish we could afford to pay and wait till you were all available. We would love to have you guys (J&E and J&K ) join us for a long weekend if you were able to get away. Maybe it could be Elizabeth’s last fling before “Too close to baby” 🙂 We are praying that it will work out for you, Kevin, to arrange things around and join us for the whole week. We would be thrilled!

We have invited Grandma Brown to join us as well.

If anyone is interested in joining us for all or part of the time and knows of a reason one of these weeks might work out better than the other one, please let us know ASAP. Thanks. mom.

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