Hi, all. My presentation is in 45 minutes and I think I’m all set for it. Funny how it can be a rinky-dink presentation with only one person in the room that I don’t know very well and yet I still get nervous. It’ll be nice to have this over. It’s been a big part of the pressure on me.

It is a cold, cloudy day in Daytona. The weather always miraculously clears for the day of the 500 but there’re no guarantees for the days surrounding it.

It was fun chatting with the couple of you that I got to talk to last night. I was so sorry to hear about poor Cobby, though. Who knows, he may yet miraculously turn up again like Tweedle Fat (?) who disappeared for such a long time in the house. Be sure to check under the kitchen sink often and maybe Cobweb will show up there too.

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