Hey, Kev!

I want to add my (belated?) happy birthday!

Enjoyed your assessment of the “Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.” Takes an insider. Sounded like Dickens!

As you can see, I have not yet written my “letter.” When I go home at night too many catastrophes need immediate attention!

Just wrote a letter of recommendation for (“cute, little”) Katherine Fan to Princeton. Children have an appalling way of growing up!

“Second Hand Lions” really was a scream. We were all quoting lines afterward and laughing at them again when Liesl uncorked with one that had a cuss word in it. First time any of us heard Liesl say that word! I said, “Liesl! You don’t actually listen to any of these videos we watch, do you?!?” It was pretty funny.

Toiling and moiling here at PHC, but God is very good. Had a nice chat with Katie and Joel last night about Joel’s school situation. Funny about Jesse being a “monk”! You were accused of that once, weren’t you? (The “pop culture literacy” survey!)

God’s richest blessing!!! Especially today!!!

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