Thank you all for the birthday wishes, cards, etc. I am very blessed to have such a supportive family.

The Rockwell Collins interview went well this morning. We’ll see what happens.

Mom, I’m so sorry to hear that this virus/hackers thing has sprung up again. I have never known of a case that caused this much trouble. Please don’t give up on the internet! Use you computer as a typewriter for a month or so to give yourself some recovery time and discourage whoever has hacked your system, but don’t write it off forever. You might also want to think about protecting your other accounts (financial, etc) that you have used online. It is not uncommon for these kind of viruses to have keyboard tracking programs that are capable of watching for passwords, account numbers, etc. Just be extra vigilent for a while even with your computer unplugged. Sending spam from your account is horrible, but it would be much more difficult to recover from an emptied account or some bounced checks.

Mary Ann cooked a lovely sweet and sour pork meal last night for my birthday. Thank you for sending her the recipe, Mom.

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