I think I am going insane!!!!

It is almost 2 a.m.

I sent an email to WestHost telling them what is going on with the site and asking what happened. (Pretty much word for word what you wrote, Jesse. ) I got back their standard reply that they received my request and would get back to me soon. NOW THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REACH ME ANYWHERE!!! Because theirs is the last E-mail I received at the Yahoo address before Yahoo deactivated my account!!! !!!!

What have I done to deserve all this??

I just finished sending all those emails to people in my address book telling them to use our yahoo address. It took forever because I had to divide the addresses up into about five or six emails to send them all.

After that I immediately went to the HOUSECALL site you recommended, Jesse, and ran an online scan. It said right away, malware. WORM_MSBLAST.A found and cleaned. It then scanned the rest of my files and found nothing else. SO how awful this malware. worm? What has IT been doing on here and how long has it been on?

Just now I tried to get back onto Yahoo, and THEY HAVE DEACTIVATED my email account! HELP!!! This thing has gone on tormenting me too long!! I want my life back!

I give up. I am going to turn this stupid computer off and not open it for a month and after that I am only going to use it for a word processor! I am getting off of cable and staying off line! I don’t want E-mail anymore. I will call my children and my mother on the phone (and anyone who wants me will have to use their phone) I quit using the computer! This technology is a curse not progress!

Though I confess I will horribly miss this blog. 🙁

I enjoyed all your posts.

A very stressed mom.

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