Jesse, congradulations on feeling Ta for the first time! So exciting! I also enjoyed your funny post about your students. Thanks for the Open Range reccomendation, will have to rent it sometime. I hope you & Elizabeth are doing well.

Kevin, I hope you’re interviews go well on Thursday.

My own interview w/ HSLDA was okay. It was quite short, I was quite nervous, and I think I laughed too much :). But it was really a lot better than I expected (since I always manage to work myself up about things like Anne of Green Gables). The lady who interviewed me was very nice and asked all the questions without sounding pat, and generally we had an enjoyable little conversation, as far as interviews go. I won’t hear back from them until Tuesday. I’m not holding out much hope for the job, because evidently a lot of people who are all very wonderful have applied and were/are being interviewed too.

Mom & the kids seemed to have a nice time at the Orchestra yesterday, despite the long day. We watched a funny movie last night, Secondhand Lions, with Joel & Katie. It’s very much worth seeing I think.

Well have to go.

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