Hello family,

Kevin, it was heartening to read about Spirit’s recovery. I was wondering how it was going, but hadn’t heard about it. Glad a reboot worked such wonders for them. Makes me feel less inadequate about my old system when even NASA’s Spirit rover needs an upgrade. &#74

Becky, we love our family photo. Elizabeth has it framed very nicely, and it is such a great photo of everyone. We are praying for your job search. I enjoyed Lewis Hine’s photos too.

Dad, it was nice to hear from you on the blog.

I got to feel the baby for the first time last night!! Elizabeth was feeling some very distinct kicks and pokes and had me put my hand in just the right spot at just the right time. It was so fun! The baby is still so small, so it was just a very small localized “poke” but very distinct and sudden. We can’t wait to see the baby on the ultra sound again this Friday!

We enjoyed the movie, Open Range. I never thought I’d say that about a Kevin Costner movie, but I must. World gave it a generally favorable review as well. It is rated R for violence, but it did not dwell on it or seem too oppressive or intense to Elizabeth or I. And the romance was almost entirely wholesome and appropriate (even enjoyable), which was refreshing. The language was peppered in parts but never vulgar. It is basically an old style western with a simple good guys vs. bad guys story. Not necessarily any great themes of redemption but a generally healthy feel that we enjoyed anyway.

We love you all.

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