Hey, all. Enjoyed the pictures, Peck. Job hunting must be discouraging at the moment. 🙂 I’ll look forward to hearing how your HSLDA interview goes today.

Otto, your Bounce a Baggins is really sadistic…

It was nice to chat with you guys at home last night, and I can finally chuck that stack of phone cards.

Things down here have been going a little better. It’s not so much that there’s less to do as that senioritis setting in and making me oblivious to what should be the pressure. I sent off a couple resumes today to VERY tiny little companies that look like they’re in a growth mode. One is at the little airport right near by here in Deland, the other is in Michigan.

Another thermodynamics quiz tomorrow. I really need to do well on it and I think I’m actually starting to make little bits of progress in understanding the material. I now generally know WHAT I need to look for but still get a little lost in the enthalpies and specific volumes in the many charts in the back of the book when I go to find it.

Hurray for the Spirit rover!

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