Kevin, keep some hope up…you’ll land an amazing job somewhere, sometime. Just think, you could be me trying to search for a job under these conditions: pregnant, still two courses away from a degree and who knows when that will happen, job search also limited to work-from-home jobs. Hmmm…with those odds, your situation should suddenly seem exciting and limitless! 🙂

Long ago, I reconciled myself to the fact that I will develop some type of cancer, and probably die from it. So the sun thing doesn’t depress me too much. But, I now have to worry about things that I never thought about much before. Being pregnant, I’m supposed to avoid the usual alcohol and caffeine and smoking. But, I also am supposed to avoid smoked meats, sausages and hotdogs and other foods with a high-nitrate content, fish that may have high levels of mercury such as tuna, and if I am going to eat cold-cuts I must warm them up first. I can’t stand in front of a microwave. (It’s amazing that more babies don’t come out grossly mutated.) And…in a few months I’ll probably have to schedule in 3 thirty minute sessions a day of standing on my head to avoid Jesse’s problem.

I hope I have cheered you all up. 🙂 Little Ta is now inhaling/exhaling amniotic fluid (so I’m told) and practicing for when ta will be out breathing air. ~E

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