Hi everyone. Becky, the cartoon is great! Thanks for the fun.

Some more technical news: [Eliz just brought me some chocolate chip cookies that she baked!] I have just set up a photo gallery online for Elizabeth and me. It is a free website that Nathan Stocker found and I tested on our blog with a photo of Dickens from Nathan’s Photo Gallery. Kevin linked to the fotopic site in an earlier post, but the place is http://fotopic.net/ if you want to bookmark it. The website is a great deal: easy to use, flexible, very generous space, and free. I have only put a couple old pictures from Scotland in our photo galleries so far, but it looks like a wonderful way to share photos online. Mainly, I think that it would work best to put collections of photos up and then link to them from Pressing On. It does work to link directly to a picture or two on the blog if you want (although you have to use the image address that you get from “properties” rather than the one that appears in the web browser’s address bar), but if you put up a whole collection then you can just link to your photo gallery and people can go look at it. By the way, fotopic.net supports FTP for uploading images. It is the easiest and fastest way to upload lots of images. Free (legitimate) FTP software can be downloaded at http://www.sofotex.com/download/FTP_Software/ with CuteFTP being one of the most popular and widely used free versions.

Our photo gallery is listed below and I have provided one picture on the blog itself just for the fun of it.


Seascape from St Andrews

Elizabeth is still feeling better and we are so thankful, but we are glad that the weekend is here. She works late tonight and then has the weekend off. This week at school was interesting and fun. My supervisor had her first evaluation meeting with me to set up some times when she will observe me. As we were talking I shared some of my background with her, and she was not aware of any of it. She thought it very interesting. As she was leaving, she turned and said with a wry smile, “It is very funny that someone who was home schooled would want to become a teacher.” She had a good laugh when I confessed that I had never been to fifth grade myself. I told her that it might explain a thing or two about me. 🙂 I told the students in my home room today that Elizabeth and I are expecting. They were very excited and had lots to say. They wanted to be able to vote on the baby’s name. For a girl, they wanted Chelsea and for a boy they wanted Jesse Hake, Jr. Then they informed me that I should never read our child the Hobbit because I am reading it to them now and it is like administering a strange and bitter medicine. They laugh at all the wrong parts, but we have made it a little over half way through. And the part with the spiders is coming up. 🙂 There was a very funny incident during our out loud reading the other day. I stopped reading for a minute to lecture them on how it would build their character if they listened to the entire book and made it all the way through. I told them that they had to make it through every word of the book from cover to cover. When I started reading again it was with the words:

“Do we really have to go through?” groaned the hobbit.

“Yes, you do!” said the wizard, “if you want to get to the other side. You must either go through or give up your quest. And I am not going to allow you to back out now, Mr. Baggins.”

The coincidence was not lost on my students. They started laughing and asked if I was making it up. 🙂

Kevin, I enjoyed your Mars images. Various Mars related stories featured strongly in student’s current event reports today. I liked that you posted the Mars images so enthusiastically after being so hard on NASA and further space development under their umbrella. Bush finally did make his speech, and it looks like NASA will be given quite the ambitious set of assignments over the next decade if all those plans get the green light. If the Beagle doesn’t report back soon, who knows if the British are going to try anything again for a while. 🙂

Well, I better sign off for now. Love you all.

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