Ray Scott is/was? a civil engineer and alternative housing expert. He’s most known for doing work with adobe houses but has several great underground home books as well.

Peck, the snowman cartoon is hilarious!

Classes are settling into a deadening routine. I hope to get some fun activities lined up so that I don’t shrivel and die from disgust with schooling in general at this late date. That reminds me. I found a paper that had some fun activities for the airzooka suggested and brought it in to school today but I think I left it in the car. I’ll try to get some posted so that you’ll have things to do besides shoot Yaya. You taken it to school yet, Joel? Dad, do you know of any sources for dry ice in the area?

For those interested in putting their own pictures online (for use here?), the site that Jess used to post Dickens is here. Looks easy to use and the price is right.

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