Hullo family!! 🙂

Kevin, your mars’ pictures are neat. I’m sorry that you can’t join us guys up here for Chinese New Years :(. We will miss you.

This blog thing is really neat! I’m glad we have it up because everyone (‘cept pop so far 🙂 is using it so much/well. Working out so nicely for communication and fun. Jesse & Elizabeth: your eye-witness “police-chase” story was pretty wild! 🙂 I hope you guys are doing well.

It is different but nice to be back at home. I have applied to a nursing home literally 8 min. away and have yet to hear back from them to go in for an interview. If things work out the way I hope, I’ll be working night shift (11-7) so that will be interesting! Anyway, things seem to be on a pretty good roll – have to do some car research, etc. too. Btw, what do any of you think about buying cars on Ebay? (near this area of course so I can go look at them). Maybe too crazy? I knew of a girl at school who bought one over Ebay.

Well have to get going. see ya’ll

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