I just got out of the apheresis at the Red Cross. It is a nice feeling to make a long trip like the drive from WV to FL and feel like you’re going home in both directions. Sam’s car ran great and (after I got out of the rain in VA) the drive was pleasant. I’m so jealous that you guys finally got snow after I waited up there for so long and never saw it. Ah, well. It’s getting chilly down here, too. We may see some weather in the low 40’s this week…

The class schedule that is now sitting in front of me on the desk here looks so meager it is pitiful. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all the time I’ll have with only four classes. I guess something will turn up.

Jess and Lizz, thanks so much for adding your photo. We all know that everything’s better with bluebonnet on it.

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