To post pictures, use the “Inline Image” HTML tag and link to the address of an image on a web site. Caution: if the website doesn’t allow links to its images or if the website changes or goes out of business then this will not work.

The tag needs to be typed all on one line and looks like this:

&ltIMG src=”” alt=”Gimli by Isabel Sanchez”&gt

Gimli by Isabel Sanchez

Another handy HTML tag is the “Anchor” tag for making links to other web pages.

It looks like this:

&ltA href=”” target=”_blank”&gtGo see Kevin Hake’s website!&lt/A&gt

Go see Kevin Hake’s website!

There are many other HTML tags that are fun to use on blogs. If you do a web search for “HTML tag” you can read more about them. Here are a few:

Another good source of info is our blog host’s help page:

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