Elizabeth and I had a little excitement on the way home yesterday night that we wanted to share with the whole family. We took the shortcut to 340 (past where Mom wanted to show us the miniature donkeys). As we were sitting at the light waiting to turn right onto 340, a police car raced up and parked in the middle of the intersection. His blue lights still turning, a lone officer jumped out of the car and raced to the trunk. Pulling something out, he ran across the far lane of traffic and leaned over to do something down in the grass beside the road. We were trying to imagine what he might be up to. He seemed like he was in a great hurry, but he was by himself, and we couldn’t see anything or anyone else around. Also, it was pretty dark. Then we heard more police cars approaching from the distance. They were coming up 340 from the direction of Harpers Ferry towards Charlestown. Before we saw the first car come into sight, the officer standing on the grassy median jumped out into the road and flagged down an oncoming car. When the car stopped, he dragged or pulled something across the road very quickly and stood there holding it. It was too dark to see, but it seemed like he had pulled some kind of wire across the road. The first thing that jumped into my head was that scene from the Great Escape where the American POW knocks a German off his motorcycle with a trip wire across the road. But the oncoming vehicle was not a motorcycle. It was a huge, nice-looking, light-colored pickup truck. I had visions of the police officer flying through the air when the truck hit the trip wire that he was holding. It was not until the truck flew past and we heard two loud pops that we realized what the officer had done. After the truck passed, the officer raced back across the road pulling the tire-blowing chain out of the way just in time for the first police car to fly past in hot pursuit. Then the lone officer jogged back across the road to his car before the second police car went past. His timing was very impressive. As he loaded the chain in his trunk, we could see sharp triangular pieces of glistening steel. He then pulled a U-turn and followed in the chase. Two other police cars past before our light finally turned green, and we went on our way. It all happened so quickly from start to finish. We were very impressed with the precision and speed of the whole operation and with the presence of mind that the single police office demonstrated. We thought that you all might have enjoyed driving out to 340 to watch it with us. 🙂

We also realized that we never saw Joel and Katie’s bathroom. 🙂 We will have to see it next time.

We love you all, Jesse and Elizabeth

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