Kevin, sorry about the quiz. Hope things brighten up soon. I don’t like quizzes, and I was never even in a hard science. Mom, thanks for the invite from Aunt Jane. That sounds very nice. We will be in contact with you about details. Elizabeth and I watched Spellbound on Tuesday night and enjoyed it very much. When I asked where I could find it in the Blockbuster, the woman up front said to look for it in the “Horror” section. I explained, and she laughed. The funny thing was that, when I returned the movie, the same woman told me, “It sounds crazy, but my Dad made it to the final round of the National Spelling Bee. He never wants to talk with me about it though.” I told her it was worth watching some time. I took a survey of a couple kids at school. Only one had heard of it and watched it with his family. He claimed that they all “hated it.” Oh well. &#74

Elizabeth and I plan to watch Seabiscuit tonight. It is supposed to be interesting.

Well, I didn’t get four days off. But three was nice. It was a wild day back at school today.

Becky, I just heard about a new singer-songwriter, Mindy Smith, that you might enjoy if you don’t already know her. She has been getting some publicity over the past year or so. She works in the secular music industry, but has a Christian profession of some kind. One of her songs is called “Come to Jesus.” Her music is very raw and strong.

Well, I better sign off. Love you all.

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